Friday, February 25, 2011

Another senior digital departure at Rogers Media

More changes in the digital wing at Rogers Media: Leslie Sole, the chief content officer who joined the leadership team in December 2010, moving over from Rogers' television division, has left the company. Sole was responsible for the creation and execution of the Rogers Media content strategy, which included the integration of magazine content on other platforms and in other media. The departure comes on the heels of the exit of Claude Galipeau, senior vice-president and general manager of Rogers Digital Media and the appointment of  Jason Tafler in a newly created position of chief digital officer for the company.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So this person stayed in the new job for just two months -- December to February? Is that right? Must be a lot happening below radar over there.

11:29 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's good that Rogers is bringing in someone new as chief digital officer.

Galipeau was one of a group of so-called digital media execs who play musical chairs with these key jobs.

Problem is most of these people were the D-team (and I don't mean digital) kicked into digital because they were seen as too loserish for legacy.

Is it any wonder their accomplishments are almost non-existent and media is such a mess?

7:36 am  

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