Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The anti-Holmes? New magazine launching this spring for renovation contractors

A magazine that might be called the "anti-Holmes"* is being launched to serve Canada's renovation contractors. It's called, not surprisingly, Renovation Contractor and editor-in-chief is Jim Caruk of the Caruk Media Group, who has appeared on HGTV in such shows at Real Renos and Handyman Superstar Challenge. In the magazine's media kit, Caruk says
“After 37 years in the business, I’d started to wonder why there wasn’t a Canadian publication dedicated to renovators that was actually written and published by the people, like me, who actually do this stuff everyday. With no disrespect to the fine media companies we have in Canada, general knowledge writers and editors can't produce what we're going to produce. This magazine is coming from the trades for the trades, which will give it a no-holds-barred credibility, eliminate the BS factor and speak the truth."
The magazine, which launches May 5, will have a controlled, quarterly circulation of 27,640, most of whom are small- and medium-sized builders and renovators, the remainder specialists in plumbing and HVAC, drywall and insulation, and roofing. A full page ad will cost $8,350.
Contents will include tool reviews, articles about building techniques, ways to improve business practices and tackle the issues that concern building tradespeople the most. It also hopes to get contractors talking to each other through a regular advisory board and a website (not yet up).
Publisher for the new magazine is David Chestnut, previously of Hardware Merchandising and Canadian Contractor. The managing editor is Allan Britnell, who has covered the renovation industry for 15 years for magazines such as Cottage Life, Canadian Home Workshop and Harrowsmith Country Life. Design and production is by Mitre Design.
*Mike Holmes, the face of Holmes magazine, which is aimed principally at homeowners, has made a career out of dissing sloppy renovators and contractors on his eponymous TV shows Holmes on Homes and Holmes Inspection while praising others  who "make things right".



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