Thursday, February 10, 2011

Several magazine-related projects selected for OMDC creative clusters program

Magazines did well out of the Ontario Media Development Corporation's $2.9 million investment in creative industries. The investment in 19 projects from the Entertainment and Creative Clusters Partnership Fund is said to result in a further $7.6 million from 108 partners involved. Among the magazine-related projects (n0 specific dollar amounts announced):
  • Magazines Canada, Interactive Ontario, the Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario and Hot Docs have partnered with Cultural Careers Council Ontario to develop a business skills mentorship program
  • Magazines Canada is to launch Digital Discovery: The Next Generation, building on a previous partnership fund project and enhancing the existing site with dynamic marketing and archiving functions as well as the creation of mobile-friendly websites. There will also be a feasibility study exploring the creation of a unique Canadian digital magazine and content platform system.
  • Quill & Quire and The Walrus as leads will be partnered with Open Book Toronto and Open Book Ontario, the Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario to to create a series of thematically-related webcasts (audio and video) called the “Open Book Network.” The project will also be supported by Toronto Life magazine.
  • NOW magazine is an additional partner in a project led by North by Northeast Conferences Inc. for an interactive conference that connects the film industry with digital interactive companies.

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