Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mighty uncomfortable choices

I feel uncomfortable when confronted with the RBC Emerging Artists Project which is running a poll to decide which of six arts organizations will get an additional $25,000 donation from the bank's foundation (they each all already receive some RBC funding). My bias is to select Canadian Art Foundation which publishes Canadian Art magazine (and I probably will), but why should I have to choose between Canadian Art and the Writer's Trust of Canada or Canadian Stage or TIFF? What exactly is RBC trying to find out through this arbitrary ballot?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me thinks the banks are trying to find out how little they can give across the board- a cheap way to do it in this case - that gets them the most eyeballs. All this while all the banks seem to be simultaneously shipping jobs off shore and as reported using temp foreign workers for jobs as oodles of qualified Canadians remain unemployed AND lending people money who really can't pay it back. But hey these highly regulated (meaning coddled and protected) institutions have been around since the beginning of time doing more or less these sorts of things. Next up: "Which politician should we "subsidize"? Vote now"

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