Friday, May 01, 2015

Association publishers find professional readers prefer print over digital

Association publishers are consistently finding that their professional readers prefer print over digital versions of magazines, according to a column in Folio: by Debra Stratton, president of Stratton Media Strategies LLC, which  has worked with more than 300 associations over the past 30 years.
"Still, association publishers continually have to battle to maintain print, often pressured by boards and finance officers to convert to go digital-only to save on printing and postage expenses."
Print isn't cheap,the article acknowledges, but has some undeniable value:
  • Generally preferred for in-depth reading
  • For advertising-supported magazines, converting to all-digital may reduce or even eliminate the revenue base
  • Image or branding are best conveyed in print
  • Print magazine offer valuable portability for travel
  • Readability is often improved with print 
  • Digital technology can be clunky

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