Tuesday, April 04, 2017

New Internationalist shoots past
crowdfunding goal

Every case is different, but the New Internationalist is an object lesson to smaller, indy magazines with the success of its crowdfunding plan to sell itself to its readers and raise more than £500,000. 

We wrote about this a month ago and now it's astonishing to report that in just 32 days, the 44-year-old UK-based, international magazine raised £571,039, from 2,727 investors. 

The community share offer document makes a compelling case and is a real education in how such an effort can be well managed and focussed, relying on its readers. As it says
"Our journalism has always been a reflection of who we are and how we are run – we know how to democratize a newsroom like no-one else; we did it 37 years ago. And that is what we want you to preserve, nurture and grow. Our constituency has never been conventional: we are idealistic, energetic and concerned with the lives of others thousands of miles away. All our past appeals, surveys and events show that we have a passionate and committed readership."

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